Fine craftsmanship

Timelessly unique, Barrett products conceal cherished secrets of age-old traditions and are the fruit of the tireless work and lifelong passion of our skilled artisans.

The artistry of Barrett workers.

Following on from centuries of tradition, we endlessly hone our skills and refine our art to deliver products of inestimable quality. We cherrypick our materials and use them to give life to shoes with a timelessly elegant design.

Our cordwainers accompany the shoe along every step of the manufacturing process, handling the natural leather with the utmost care. The end result is always impeccable and no shoe will ever come out the same as another.

Tradition and innovation

Barrett has a collection of over 80 shoe lasts and more than 3,500 models (between the historical versions and the new collections) lovingly crafted using traditional Norwegian, Blake-Rapid, Goodyear, Tubular or Bologna Sacchetto methods.

The Bologna Sacchetto method is a particular point of pride for us because very few companies have that kind of know-how nowadays. It is an extremely complicated construction method but it provides unbeatable flexibility and unrivalled comfort.

So far, in the history of high-end classic shoemaking, no other construction technique has been able to match it in terms of quality and sophistication.

Classy details

Each single product is hand-dyed and is, therefore, quite unique: our craftsman double up as painters and artists as they painstakingly apply the colour dyes onto the hides.

There is no other way to exceed our customers' expectations. Those tiny finishing touches are all important.

• Barrett's heritage •
Construction secrets

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