Information on processing of personal data provided pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 (Privacy Code).


The personal data provided by the user while using the website [] (the “Website”) will be processed by Barrett srl, with registered office in Parma, via T. Ravasini, 11 B, VAT number 00619520349, as the Data Controller, and by FiloBlu S.r.l., with registered office in Santa Maria di Sala (VE), Via Caltana 116/C, VAT number 04274870288 (“FiloBlu”), as the Data Processor appointed by Barrett to manage the Website and the related services (maintenance, updating, user assistance services, marketing activities) and as the data processor exclusively for sale of the products present on the Website and related activities (such as: delivery of the products purchased, any replacement of them, fulfilment of users' requests for information, etc.).

Processing will be performed using primarily electronic methods (excluding shipping and sending of products). The personal data will therefore be processed using automatic and manual instruments for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it has been collected.

Specific security measures are in place to prevent loss of the data, its illegal or incorrect use and unauthorised access.


The personal data collected on the registration forms for the Website services and/or any collected during browsing of the Website will be processed for the following purposes: 

(i)       to allow registration on the Website, access to and supply of the services reserved to users registered on the Website and sending via the Website of a purchase order for the products available on the Website in a simplified manner, with the consequent conclusion of the related contract of sale with FiloBlu, or to allow FiloBlu to satisfy users' requests for information. If you have registered on the Website through the Facebook Connect application, providing your username (e-mail address) of access to the Facebook social network , you authorise us to access some of your personal data (e-mail address, name, surname, profile picture, age, date of birth, gender), if you have already supplied this data to Facebook. For this reason, we suggest that you should first check the privacy settings of your Facebook account, if you wish to change visibility of said data, and the Facebook privacy policy;

(ii)      to allow a purchase order for the products available on the Website to be sent and the related contract of sale with FiloBlu to be concluded and fulfilled and the consequent services and obligations to be satisfied, including administrative and accounting procedures, by FiloBlu;

(iii)     to send advertising material and newsletters, to provide commercial information by telephone, SMS, MMS, e-mail, and also using traditional methods (e.g. sending catalogues by post), on promotional and sales initiatives of the Website and Barrett, to conduct market research and surveys on satisfaction);

Pursuant to articles 24.1.b) and 43.1.b) of the Privacy Code, your consent is not required for processing relating to the purpose indicated in point (ii). Unless otherwise indicated, the person concerned must express their consent to processing of data for the purposes indicated in points (i), (iii) and (iv).

Any use of your credit card data for purposes other than to check that the means of payment exist, to charge and manage the payments and to manage any claims and disputes, is excluded. For this purpose, said data will also be processed by the bank which supplies the services connected with management of online payments and by the issuer of the credit card which you enter to confirm your order.

It is not compulsory to provide the data, but failure to do so could mean that the purchase process cannot be concluded or the services offered by the Website you desire supplied to you. 

Solely for the aforementioned purposes, the personal data may be disclosed to and processed by:

- companies supplying services,

- employees and consultants of Barrett and FiloBlu, other companies of their respective Groups,

who act as representatives or processors duly appointed by the relative data controller. Up-to-date lists of any processors appointed by Barrett and/or by FiloBlu are available at the respective registered offices and you may ask for a copy of the lists at any moment, as specified hereunder.

The data may also be transferred abroad, including to non-EU countries. If necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes, we ensure that transfer of the personal data of the person concerned to non-EU countries which do not guarantee sufficient security levels only takes place when specific agreements have been signed between Barrett and/or FiloBlu and said parties, containing appropriate clauses for protection of your personal data, in accordance with the law and applicable regulations.

The data will not be disclosed in any manner other than the above.

If you have indicated a service or a product on sale on the Website to a third party or a product you have purchased is delivered to a third party and FiloBlu is required to process the data of said third party, please inform them of the Privacy Policy of the Website and obtain their consent, since you will be solely and exclusively liable for communication of information and data relating to them, and for incorrect or illegal use thereof. It is understood that FiloBlu, within the limits laid down by the Privacy Code, will satisfy the obligation of informing the user indicated and, where necessary, will request their express consent, on registering the relative personal data in its archives.

Please remember that, as the person concerned, according to art. 7 of the Privacy Code, which is shown below for the sake of completeness, you are entitled to be informed, at any moment, whether or not your data exists and to be told its content and origin, to check it is precise and ask for it to be supplemented, revised or corrected. You are also entitled to ask for the data to be deleted, converted into anonymous form or blocked and to oppose use of your data for the purposes indicated above, in full or in part, at any time. You may exercise these rights and ask for an up-to-date list of the data processors appointed by contacting Barrett at the following telephone numbers [+39 041 8380002] or by sending an e-mail to []; and for FiloBlu, at the following telephone numbers [+39 041 8380002] or by sending an e-mail to [].


Art. 7 of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003 - Right of access to personal data and other rights


1. The person concerned is entitled to be informed whether or not their personal data exists, even if not yet registered, and if it is communicated in intelligible form.

2. The person concerned is entitled to be informed of:

a) the origin of the personal data;

b) the processing purposes and methods;

c) the logic applied in the case of electronic processing;

d) the identity of the data controller, the data processors and the processor appointed pursuant to article 5, paragraph 2;

e) the parties or the categories of parties to whom the personal data may be disclosed or who could learn it as the appointed processor in the territory of the State, processors or representatives.

3. The person concerned is entitled to obtain:

a) updating, correction or, if interested, supplementing of the data;

b) deletion, conversion into anonymous form or blocking of data processed illegally, including data which it is not necessary to keep in relation to the purposes for which it has been collected or subsequently processed;

c) certification that the operations indicated in letters a) and b) have been notified, also in terms of their content, to anyone to whom the data has been communicated or disclosed, unless this requirement is impossible to satisfy or would require the use of means which are manifestly disproportionate with respect to the right being protected.

4. The person concerned is entitled to oppose, in full or in part:

a) for legitimate reasons, processing of their personal data, even if pertinent to the purpose for which it has been collected;

b) processing of their personal data in order to send advertising or sales material or to conduct market research and send business communications. 


In accordance with Measure no. 229 passed by the Personal Data Protection Authority on 8 May 2014, is providing the following information on cookies, on their functions and on how to disable them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which websites visited by the user send to and store on the user's personal computer or any other device, including mobile devices, in order to be retransmitted to those websites when the user visits them again.

Cookies are used for various reasons, such as to remember the actions and preferences of the user (e.g. login data, the language chosen, the dimensions of the characters, other viewing settings, etc.), so that there is no need to enter them again when the user returns to the same website or browses between different pages of the website; they are also used for computer authentication, to monitor sessions and store information on the activities of users who access the website and may contain a unique identification code which allows tracking of the user's browsing on the website itself for statistical or advertising purposes.

Cookies may be sent by or by other websites (so-called "third-party" cookies).

Certain operations cannot be performed without use of cookies, which are technically necessary for the website to function in certain cases.

Type of cookies present on and their functions

There are various types of cookies, with different characteristics and functions:

-          technical cookies, which are used solely to transmit a communication on an electronic network, to the extent strictly necessary to supply a service specifically requested by the user. These cookies are essential for functioning of or necessary to perform the activities you request. This type of cookie is present on our website;

-          browsing or session cookies, used to allow you to login in the reserved area of or to make a purchase from our website. This type of cookie is present on our website;

-          analytics cookies, used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users of and the pages viewed (for example, Google AdWords, Google Analytics). See the relative policies, which may change periodically and should be consulted occasionally, where more detailed information is available:;

This type of cookie is present on our website;

-          function cookies, which allow you to browse better on, according to the criteria and options already selected (such as preferred language, so there is no need to select said option every time you visit the website, or products chosen for purchase, in order to store them in the shopping basket until the website is visited again). This type of cookie is present on our website;

-          third-party cookies, used by partners of, in order to show you advertising banners on when you are on other websites, showing you the last products you viewed on When browsing on, these cookies are also used to show you products which could interest you or which are similar to others which you have viewed previously, based on your browsing chronology. Use of these cookies does not involve processing of personal data, but allows connection to your computer or to other devices and tracking of the data stored: these cookies connect to the browser installed in your computer or the other devices used when browsing on

-          profiling cookies, which are used to create user profiles and to send advertising messages corresponding with the preferences users show when browsing. Third-party cookies which access user data exclusively at aggregate level are present on our website. The links to the privacy policies and relative consent forms of third parties, containing more detailed information, are provided below. These may change periodically, so it is therefore recommended to consult them occasionally. .; 

All the above cookie types may remain in the computer or mobile device you use for different periods of time, depending on the functions they perform. 

The cookies stored on your computer or mobile device cannot be used to obtain any data from your hard disk, to transmit computer viruses, to identify and use your e-mail address or for purposes other than those described above. 

How to change cookie settings

You can set and manage your cookie preferences at any time, by selecting which cookies to authorise, block or delete, in full or in part, through your browser settings (i.e. those of the browser you use). 

The path to follow to manage cookies on the different browsers is shown below:

Internet Explorer 





For more information and details on the different cookie types, their functioning and characteristics, please visit the websites themselves, which are freely accessible and independent from

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To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing activities, you can download an additional component of the browser to disable Google Analytics:

 We store your cookie preferences using a special technical cookie with the characteristics specified in the table below. 

 Please note that if you block or delete, in full or in part:

-          technical cookies, you may be unable to use our website, view its contents and use the related services;

-          function cookies, certain services or specific functions of the website might not be available or not function correctly, which means you must alter or enter certain information or preferences manually every time you visit the website;

-          the other cookies present (analytics and profiling) do not affect functioning of the website.

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