The art of shoemaking

Come and discover the secrets of our craftsmanship

The mastery of Barrett craftsmen

In the name of a century-old tradition, we refine the best artisan techniques to create the highest quality products such as lace-ups , moccasins or elegant men's sneakers .

We select the finest materials to create footwear with an elegant and timeless design.

Our shoemakers follow the creation of the shoe in every phase, working with care and attention on the natural leathers. The result is always perfect and each piece can be considered unique and different from the others.

Tradition and innovation

Barrett boasts a park of over 80 lasts and more than 3500 models, including historical ones and new collections, made with the traditional Norwegian, Blake-Rapid, Goodyear, Tubular and "Bolognese bag" techniques.

The flagship of the production is the "Bolognese bag" process which is today the distinctive heritage of very few companies . It is an extremely complicated construction whose final result is a product of exceptional softness and flexibility.

Until now, in the history of high-level classic footwear, no construction technique has ever surpassed this workmanship in quality and refinement.

Classy details

To make each piece unique, we dye all our products by hand : the artisans transform into painters and artists who delicately apply the color to the leather.

Only in this way can we fulfill every wish of our customers, refining every detail according to the best finishing techniques.